Friday 22 March 2013

LaptoPi Video

So I made a quick video on a shitty phone last night at the surrey and hants hackspace meeting to show that it does truely work, you can see in the video the screen and keyboard the cables and converters and the pi itself running from the battery on the docking station.

Also I decided to run a battery life test, i quickly chucked together a bit of python to max the cpu out at 100% and then turned the screen on full brightness. The battery lasted way beyond what everyone predicted, infact at 3 and a half hours it still had not even used half the battery life!! that means at least 6-8 hours for a full charge and then its very very unlikely you would run it at full chat on full brightness for 6 hours so probably many many more out of it.

More experiments to come so watch this space!

Sunday 17 March 2013

Raspberry Pi Laptop!

So I have two raspberry pi's I love them but its a pain to hook it upto the telly when i want to use it, or a monitor its just not very portable...unless you buy a tiny 3 or 5 inch screen which is just not practical/cheap and you still need to lug a keyboard and mouse around too.

So what we need is a laptop thats powered by a Pi

so after a week of finding the bits and peices and taking a few bits to get it all running i present to you, the raspberry pi-lappy.

The above shows the FULL HD 13" screen with full sized keyboard and touchpad (with the pi to the left, powered over usb!)

This shows the odd and worryingly bastardised connector at the back, i need to tidy this up but its too late at night to get the dremel out. But it nicely shows that only two cables are needed in the end, USB to connect keyboard/trackpad and provide power and the HDMI connection for the screen.

Once I sort out the connector to be a little more robust/tidy I shall work on some other aesthetics and life should be good.