Friday 27 January 2012

3d Rep-rap printer build (phase 2)

Thought I would share the current state of the 3d Rep-rap printer I am building... z-motors installed along with Z-guides, the Y axis wood bed (the Z motor wires are sitting on it) is also installed now and everything is now tightened up and secure - the weight has pretty much trebled too!

Saturday 21 January 2012

ATM card skimmer (real)

Well as I am being all photographic today, I thought I should get some photos up of the ATM I aquired from some friends who found it on an ATM machine in Oxford Street London (they contacted the police but they didnt seem to care - nice!) So after some months I have it and here it is in its full glory.

Now to try to figure out how it works and get into some proper hardware reverse engineering!

Shop anti theft tag (non dye version) taken apart.

Did this a while ago and never got round to blogging it.

This is the type im on about. (it was very damaged from removal by monkeys)

Here we see the damaged tag taken apart, you can (hopefully) see the RFID security part in the long area, and the pin (on the right top) and the black part on the left top is the pin retainer.

 Here you can see the RFID disassembled on the left, and the pin+ retainer on the right top, using a magnet you pop the pin retainer off and the pin comes free.
I leave it to the reader as an excersise on where to place a rare-earth magnet to dislocate the pin retainer.