Tuesday 15 May 2012

3d printer mendel finished (ish)

So for the last few evenings I have been working like a slave to get this thing finished.

Saturday inspired by seeing two up and running, I have finally completed the building and wiring of the printer.. and this morning I added power \o/

I am hoping to get my first print this evening after work.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

3D printer update!

So I spent most of the bankholiday weekend building more of my 3d printer!

frame is complete
the cold and hot sides of the extruder are now done and fitted
the heated bed is now fitted (still needs wiring up)

I also built/soldered the two identical Stepper Driver boards too, tested and both seem to be fine :)
just need to complete the main board which should be easier!

then just the final wiring and should be ready to go. :D

Friday 4 May 2012

Qnap Ts-412 NAS Lost shares - fixed!!

so my NAS lost all its shares over night somehow... the data was still there according to the hdd sizes reported back.. i just couldn't access them.

QNAP emailed me a fix that required a factory reset and a few other parts that just seemed scary despite the promise I wouldn't loose data!

Here however is my fix which worked flawlessly you can skip steps 1-6 if you don't have capacity/time

(this part can be skipped)
1, Insert a spare drive large enough to take the capacity of the data that is missing.
2, create a new share on that drive (eg "mybackupshare")
3, Enable SSH and then SSH into the QNAP device
4, cd into share/
5, ls * to locate your old shares (can get the names from this list too) and will locate your new backup "mybackupshare" folder too
6, cp -r MD0_DATA/mylostshares/* HDD_DATA/mybackupshare/

this provides a backup of the data in case the next step goes wrong.

(this will rebuild the shares and retrieve data back into those folders)
7, goto the admin panel and click "restore default network shares"
8, create your old shares using the EXACT same name (as found via step 5 above)
9, all your data/shares should be back.

No need for the factory reset at all!


Tie Fighter Waffles

I made this the other month - seems appropriate for today!

Thursday 3 May 2012

3D Printer update.

Did a little more to the printer tonight... but need to grab some other parts before i can do any more :(

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Gnuradio with ubuntu (11.10)

So I installed and played about with Gnuradio after seeing a talk at defcon london this month.

Some little trips i found along the way and their fixes!

GRC (gnu radio companion) wont start - copy your grc.conf file to yourlocal directory, you might need to make the .gnuradio folder first.

 cp /etc/gnuradio/conf.d/grc.conf ~/.gnuradio/config.conf

GRC now works but audio sinks dont like your sound card under ubuntu, this is because your running pulse audio not alsa...and so it cant open the device,  so to solve this set the device name in the sink to "pulse" and set the sample rater to 48Khz

if i find more problems ill add to this post.