Monday 12 January 2009

virtual box 2.1.0 issues

OK so this morning I had some issues with my bridge/tap interface network with the old virtual box, and in my travels around the net I soon discovered that the latest version of virtualbox removes all the hassle of tap and bridge interfaces! wooohoo I think, and swiftly upgrade!

ok so a minute later all my virtual pcs are fucked :(

"Assertion failed: [!name.isNull()] at '/home/vbox/vbox-2.1.0/src/VBox/Main/NetworkAdapterImpl.cpp' (1068) in nsresult NetworkAdapter::loadSettings(const settings::Key&). Please contact the product vendor!."

woopee...seems the new virtual box breaks because if you have virtual machines that are set to use the tap interface, and you upgrade it cant convert the config for you.

So the simple solution is to goto your virtualbox config file eg
and delete everything between and

so that something like this...

becomes something like this

save and restart virtual box and problem should be solved, you will just have to goto the config and select "host" and start the box.