Friday, 25 July 2008

Ubuntu sound lost after upgrade.

OK so I am so pissed at Ubuntu breaking my audio every fricken time I update my system.

So I dont have to try to remember the steps I have to take to find the right pages here is a simple quick and dirty guide to fixing MY issue. ( I shall link to the page/s for you guys too)

sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils
sudo apt-get install linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils gdm
sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) module-assistant alsa-source
sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-source
sudo module-assistant a-i alsa-source
sudo modprobe snd-intel8x0

then reboot

OK for you lot having the same issues as me your going to need this page but there is an error on the page that tells you to go and look for your ALSA driver - go here insted

Hope that helps alot of people who seem to have this issue with Ubuntu loosing sound after upgrade/reboot