Friday, 25 July 2008

dictionary attacks on RAR files.

So I found myself in a unique situation the other day...needing to get into a rar file that was passworded...and not wanting to buy commercial software I decided a quick for loop should do the trick.

for i in `cat en-GB.dic`; do unrar e -p$i file.rar;echo testing $i;done

The .dic file can be any file that has a word per line.
I thought it was rather slow, but then I had a mate loan me some commercial software and found it was checking the same amount of passwords per second. The only alternative to this is rarcrack, which is good enough but it only does brute forcing...which wasnt what i needed!

So for free dictionary attacks on rar files the above one liner should do wonders (be warned any cracking of rar is silly slow!)