Saturday, 23 August 2008

Rapidshare wget console for linux

OK so I have a nice connection both at work and home, trouble is both of them have fair usage policys, which basically suck when I want some stuff from rapidshare.

Now this little trick requires a few things, they are:

1, a premium RS account (its cheap you wasters!)
2, You need to log into your account via a normal webbrowser ONCE to set a setting
3, access to a console on a *nix box ;)

OK so first go into your normal browser like FFx or IE and log into your premium account, and goto the settings and select the tick box for "direct downloads", now save that and log out - from here on in you can use console :)

ok now in your console type the following;

wget --save-cookies=rscookie -q --post-data="login=[user]&password=[password]"

obviously replace [user] and [password] with your account details (and minus the []'s)

Now create a list of links you want to download and call it something like "links"

now all you have to do is loop over the urls in the links folder and supply the cookie from earlier

for i in `cat links`; do wget --load-cookies=rscookie $i;done

and your done :D